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Viewing County and Florida Statues -

Detailed below are some Links to websites containing County & Florida Statutes.

DISCLAIMER - Under no circumstances does the Porpose Point H.O.A., Board of Directors, association members, or the developer of this website imply that these sites represent any or all sources of information regarding this topic. These sites are listed only as a viewer courtesy -

Indian River County Property (Title 9) and Other Statutes - County Ordinances

FL Senate 2012 All Statutes - or H.O.A. Link - 2012 Chapter 720 H.O.A. Statutes

NOTE: If given the option Click - "CLOSE CURRENT TAB" to return to this website.

Porpoise Point Home Owners Association -

Many residents may not realise that there are significant Florida State Laws regarding Home Owner Associations (H.O.A.). In some cases, the by-laws of an incorporated, registered local Florida H.O.A. may supersede Florida statute IF THEY MORE RESTRICTIVE! If it is less restrictive Florida statute would apply.

Additionally, if local H.O.A. by-laws fail to cover a specific topic then state, county, and local ordinances would apply. The by-laws and deed restrictions of the Porpoise Point Association are detailed on this web site at PP HOA By-Laws